Cost of audit services

The cost of audit services is determined on the basis of the following factors:

  • Type of audit and its objectives - mandatory or proactive;
  • The characteristic of activity: document circulation, the number of operations per month, the presence of branches and isolated units; Number of employees, territorial location of units;
  • Organizational and legal form of the enterprise;
  • The state of accounting and other documents;
  • The level of automation of accounting;
  • The availability of additional tasks and objectives that must be achieved during the audit.

To accelerate the process of calculating the cost and timing of audit services, you need to download and fill out a Customer Questionnaire, which is designed to assess the volume of required audit services and determine the time spent on auditing financial statements and providing related services.

The questionnaire indicates the necessary information, or one of the proposed options is selected - by marking in the appropriate cell.

The completed questionnaire send to us by fax + 7 (727) 250 47 83 or by email to

Based on the completed questionnaire, our team will prepare a detailed price proposal, which will save your time in making a decision.

Thanks in advance for your help. We hope for mutually beneficial cooperation.