Auditing company LLP «Eurasian Financial Servic» о performs audit of enterprises in various areas of the economy: industrial and commercial enterprises, educational institutions, health facilities, communal property and culture and all forms of ownership.

In market conditions, organizations come into contractual relations for the use of their assets, conduct financial and economic operations, and implement investments. The trustworthiness of such relationships should ensure that all transaction participants receive and use reliable financial information.

The financial statements of any organization contain information about its financial position, availability of assets and liabilities, profitability, equity.

Reliable financial information enables efficient functioning of the capital market. Economic decisions, forecasts and prospects for the development of organizations are determined on the basis of financial statements.

The reliability of this information is confirmed by an independent auditor. Reporting by the auditor looks more representative - this increases the credibility of financial reporting.

Our offers for you:

  • Available
    Our services are focused on specific enterprises, it turns out quickly in a convenient option, at reasonable prices.
  • Reliable
    We carefully monitor the QUALITY of the services we provide. We also try to be predictable and reliable business partners.
  • Mutually beneficial
    We are guided not only by our interests, but by the interests of our clients too. We maximally promote the business of our clients

Constantly changing external conditions require an adequate response from organizations. With the constant improvement of the skills of our employees, expansion of the scope of activities, partnership with legal, valuation companies and tax structures our company constantly develops and reacts flexibly to all external changes.